Jennifer Sheridan

UX/UI InfoSec Professional


Motivator. Leader. Champion.

Working with technical teams at the intersection of Information Security and User Experience Design

Certified in Digital Forensics (CHFI) and Data Protection, MSc Information Security and PhD Computer Science

Experience developing new channels with NA, EMEA and APAC-based stakeholders and clients


UI/UX Executive with 20-years experience, predominantly with startups, mobile, telecoms, financial services and education markets


Full stack mobile/web apps. Advanced knowledge of first responder, intrusion prevention, risk and web security assessment programmes, and DPA, CMA, ISO 27001, ACPO, ITIL, GDPR, PII

Expert Panelist

Invited keynote speaker and presented over 70 peer-reviewed journal papers, chapters, conference papers and technical reports Open in ResearchGate

Some brands and companies that I've worked with



I've received awards from


 Jennifer Sheridan

 London, England E2



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